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Im guessing my son (deaf in one ear) wouldn’t be very good at this?

they sent back my hard drive (new one actually) with the decryption key. but when I plug it in try to access it there’s no prompt for the key…i don’t want to screw it up more…any ideas? unlocker? bitlocker?

my sons name is drake and he’s 9 and coming out of the hospital. he would love this. I will try to get it when I can afford it 😊

android? kinda involuntarily nomadic w my family atm and ancient (but very appreciated) netbook w a twacked network adapter - but excellent tab when i set it up right. you made it for Linux … so can you tweak it for android and make an apk? please? im stressed out and bored at the same time…

Loaded it on Pale Moon on desktop after it from android. Not finished reading yet…not sure what’s going on yet…but the writing does very much so make for an immersive environment. Bit slow…but it might just be me reading pro it. In a weirdo. Keep thinking about Cherokee Trail of Tears. and how our hall of records burned down so we have no proof of lineage or anything…like…i am not legally part of the nation - but hoped to be some day. and its weird to feel … erased…while you are still here…dunno of that makes sense

got any way to play on cardboard or ps4? my son and daughter are autistic but love the “goggles” and this seems perfect to not give them like sensory overload. in color blind so i will just assume it is beautiful and give you a hug. well done.

Do Four Travellers dream of electric Androids?

Looks cool! I have a PC that can barely handle like…minesweeper right now. Broke life yo. Haha gotta roll with it. Grabbed a copy for later. Got a good tablet tho so lemme know if you release it for android!

thanks dude. I’ve made a set of these also. Not as good - kinda not so uniform in res as yours, but, hey, parts is parts, right? With a hobby like this anyways. Heh. Waiting for seagate to send back my hard drive but when i can i will send you the ones i have. use them for whatever. i don’t mind. good job m8!

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Could it be ported to android, or is it too much to ask? My computer is a used server that’s like…a decade (?) old. The only reason i can afford a good tablet is because i can pay monthly w the phone people cuz i got a line for it. Sadly, it limits my options on games … I get a really good piece of hardware that can handle a lot but the OS leaves it kind of left out. I don’t wanna have to install ibochs and try to run it in a VM because i always allocate the resources wrong (my fault) . and i honestly have no experience with wine…is there another way? looks like schizophrenia…

hey, um, there’s a dead link to google play for the android version…got an apk available?

what tha hell just happened. jk. cool. also, the first few lines of the …erm…experience (?) indicate that you indeed have potential and already some skill and practice writing. It also shows through, like a hidden smirk, that you know you can properly unleash your words. So why do you spend so much mental energy focused on that one aspect of discomfort, that distraction of being bothered by what others will think of your work? It hovers around like flies on a hot afternoon and every time I try to put my pen to paper they land on my arm and tickle my attention away. Trying to deflect them with jokes or announcing yourself as troll bait just wastes time. At this point I don’t know if I am trying to give confidence to you or myself. But, its been a few years since you posted this - I am curious - how has your writing rewired since then? =]

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ok, so, let's talk about breadtube. keep in mind that I am writing this DIRECTLY after playing your CYOA so I am a blank slate and since I haven't ever looked into it, I have no feeling of real comradery. probably some of the same political leanings (supposedly?) but I'm pretty unbiased towards the actual platform. when you are doing the first half of the story's summary; when you are referencing the quotes about the site, the tone shift is so jarring that it is impossible to tell if you are using the statements in order to compare & contrast or to present an argument to the reader. I read it a few times and still cant figure out if that was just relevant because it was a reflection of the site, or if it was YOUR opinion of the site. If the latter, the tone shift from interactive fiction to argumentative summation needs to be eased into a bit. Perhaps you could lay out the premises for your stance first? Also, thanks for the game...but did watching that actually help make money for she who shall not be named?