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I simply love the tranquility of this game (at least in the current sandbox mode). It's just so nice when I can't go skiing myself.

A few suggestions:

  • It needs to be easier to select skiers (to view their experiences; maybe there should be some stats on the individual pistes themselves, rather than the skiers?).
  • A topographic view of the map (with altitude lines, as used for hiking) would greatly aid planning interesting pistes by avoiding hitting "white bits" after having planned most of one.
  • Also --at least on my slow machine-- the view navigation (rotate, zoom, pan) is much too coarse and continues way after I've stopped giving inputs with the mouse. This means that any movement must be in multiple tiny delicate steps (especially since there isn't yet an effective way to view slope angles).

I'm very curious how this will evolve, and will definitely follow along. Keep up the great work!

Whoa, this game is brutal! Either that, or I have zero rhythm; yeah in fact that's probably it. I love the way such a simple thing can be used to create something so advanced, great idea and execution! (If only I had the necessary skill to actually play it...)