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Klaus Dellano

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Ty... this is because I uses GLS3 of Godot 3.1 beta version


Done... Please, try again.

I think I can fix the bug. Please download now, please.

I'm also in doubt. As a theme.

Why not linux? :/

haha! Nice idea! Do other Levels and goals.


Up to GitHub please. I was interested, I would like to know how it was developed.

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 Unfortunately, it closes alone after a while. I only managed to create 3 constructions and 1 search, and it always closes. (Linux)

hahaha this is the spirit... my record is 87 ...
And I didn't see this jam, sorry. But I'll be more attentive to jams ... and I'm finishing an indie project, just follow me and stay put!

haha ty! I tried to see how I look like a hyper-casual game designer. 

I'm glad you liked! ty feedback! 

nice feedback, tnks... and... the idea is to use the shop to evolve sperm.

1965 HIGHSCORE... nice hahahah

Bela critica :D

Please, export for Linux too.

Recomendação: Criem uma build pra Linux... muita gente usa e ajudaria a comunidade. Só... uma idéia.

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you must download the respective "* .pck" to "* .exe".
example: download hitback_64x.exe and hitback_64x.pck.
and .... carpe diem!


Best Puzzle made in JAM! haha! Nice!

great pixel art! nice puzzle...