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I'm not sure why you're making this gem of a game free.
Though thank you for your generosity. I love the pixelart, and fluidity and I'm loving the puzzles so far!

I love the premise, aesthetic and mechanical depth of this strategy game!

I really 💕 this!
Every play feels different as does the chaotic beauty you create in the randomized levels 🖌️🎨!

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Thx for those details!
 I'm not sure how I missed the swap item slot control and the held torch mechanics, <3 attention to little details like that.

Scalar fields looks cool, though I couldn't take it for less than your already heavily discounted price.
Unfortunately...I don't have my own online financial account right now (not even Paypal or Stripe) and as much as I'd love to I can't fit notes and coins through the screen :/.

Currently I have to convince my sibling to buy games for me, and I'd need to convince them to try things outside of Steam first.

Thx again :D!

I see, thx for your response,
looking forward to it!

This is pretty cool. So you made an engine for a top down RPG? I like games that have systems interact with each other in interesting way.

I noticed that sticks and bushes burn, water can be frozen and there's a lighting system that ties in with the day/night cycle. The backgrounds and landscape sprite look great, though I'm assuming the playable character is a work in progress.

I had a few questions from playing:

  • So I picked up a fire bombs, some ice bombs and a spare item slot when I started. How do I use the spare item slot?
  • I picked up a stick and set it on fire, I notice that I could place it in the world but was there a way to hold it while walking or using it as a tool.
  • Is there a button to make the character run?
  • I noticed a few glitches:
    • The distance limit for being out of range of a sign feels to great, I could still read the starting sign with <Space> from more than a room away.
    • I reached below 1 heart but didn't die?
    • The only other small glitch I found was that I froze a pond/walked over it than got stuck as it unfroze (I was able to get out with more ice bombs). I noticed I could swim elsewhere and the pond had some sort of fence around it so I'm not sure if this was intended behaviour?
  • Overall, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this engine you've made. Have you posted your plans for development anywhere?


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I really like the ideas behind Egg Trainer (including raising and training elemental creatures to fight) and I love the art work!
I signed up and played earlier this week and have some questions:

  • After buying an egg or how do I...hatch them?
  • I also bought a incubator and a fossil egg, but the use button was faded out? Am I meant to do something first?

    Edit: forgot to mention, I'm usin Microsoft Edge 

    TY : )

On a speedboat shootin' spheres!

This game was good fun!
The reload mechanic confused me at first, but it's actually quite a smart way of changing your ammo and firing pattern.

A pretty and relaxing flying experience. It felt nice to hover amongst the sky scrappers and clouds, high above the unseen traffic below.

My only issue is that the plane would occasionally get stuck if I nose dived onto a platform.

I concur, simple but beautiful graphics and very intuitive controls (very few games get grapple physics right)!