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could we get controller support please?

Hey man, I really enjoyed your game, and i played it on my YouTube channel, and i found one glitch, at 1:07, go check it out so you can fix it

ok thanks!

you should make this for mobile, id play this on the go occassionally!


Macbat 64 community · Created a new topic Appreciation

This game is awesome, i played the whole game exept for 2 bonus levels im working on, but other than that it amazing!!

Hey, i joined the game jam, and im wondering am i alowwed to use premade assets, more specifically, other peoples model, (i litterally just started learning this stff so im using other things)?????

alright thanks

Hey, i want to make a YouTube video on this for my channel (klamalamakrazy) and I was just wondering, is the music copyrighted or can I use it?

Hey Dani, im going to be playing ALL of your games on my channel (klamalamakrazy) and i just want to say that i tested Karlson (the 3D one) and it was amazing! I love the use of grappling hooks and sliding! Keep up the good work man, and ill be playing your games!