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Heads up, your link for The Pixel Buster isn't the artstation itself but the "steam redirect" link. Not a big problem, just that when it asked "are you sure you want to leave steam" I'm like "I didn't know I was on it???" lol

This rules extremely hard, god damn

Ok is there actually an end to this, I see that the only upgrade I have left costs 75000 and

1. I gotta go to bed

2. if there's something AFTER that it would take me a week

Actually it seems putting is nicer than that, because it says 1d10 feet,  and then on page 4 it says "If you’re putting, and your Distance is not a round number of yards, you can round it however you want. (You can round 140.1 up or 140.9 down if you want. It’s fine.)

Google tells me 1 yard = 3 feet, so that suggests that you have a zone of 2 feet to either side where you're allowed to "round into the hole". Still at best a 50/50 in that case though!

That's a shame, it's real annoying when I can't fully restart a game (for speedrunning and in general)

I couldn't tell you where it is for this exactly, but a common place is somewhere in AppData, which is under C:\Users\[NAME]\AppData

The tricky thing is that folder is invisible by default, so in file explorer you gotta show hidden files/folders. I can't remember exactly where the settings are to do that but searching for... well "show hidden folders" should show you how

With all that said PROCEED WITH CAUTION lol, I think the folder is hidden for a reason so you don't make all your programs freak out. Move silently and take out only your target, like a ninja

When you say "weird elements", can I assume that means some kind of horror?

A+++ title

n i c e

A question actually: in the "modifiers" you can select, there's one called "speedrun". Is this like a "speedrun mode" that some games have, as in having a timer and skipping cutscenes, or is it "the levels are now on a timer you gotta beat or lose"?

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Ok a major problem: there's no way to reset your save

It's really good to have for speedruns cause it lets you... actually do a speedrun, meaning playing the game as fast as you can from start to finish. But more importantly it wrecks people who maybe put the game down for a month and would like to start over

Replaying levels isn't a replacement for this, as you can never "go back" and only have the level of upgrades you would have at that point, or see story moments again. It removes any reason to "explore again" for upgrades, and/or the aspect of routing in how many upgrades it's worth going out of your way to get in speedruns

Otherwise a very cool game, but I'm really bummed out whenever a game does this "persistent profile" thing. Multiple savefiles would of course be really convenient, but even just the one with simply the ability to start over would be nice

Is it possible to get around that 2nd cable in the first place?

ayyy 👉😎👉

Me and another player ended up on a big climbing expedition

This might count as sort of a spoiler so feel free to delete:

Pink: Simon Says

Yellow: make the "flow" through the tubes go to the lit up red arrow

Cyan: trial and error to start, remember the sequence

Blue: good question

Don't know of a way to spoiler tag so I'm gonna be vague, but on the pink module there's something going on that means you can't repeat it after a certain point (unless you quit and rejoin)

Don't know whether that's on purpose or not?

Would be nice with some (optional) "systems" for some of the stuff that's left as "do what you feel like". Like "pick a suitable number of stars or roll d8+2"

Really cool ideas though, and I'm definitely gonna be using this for some unique constellations in fantasy RPG's

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6 months later, but is this the only way to reset the game? I ask because I can see the "Delete Save" option in the start menu, that seemingly only pops up when you boot for the first time with an empty save folder...

For me, it's less about seeing the first cutscene, and just having a clean slate (no collected items or kart/gate) for some potential speedruns!

Worst case, I have to do those 3 mouse clicks and change settings to windowed mode again each time. No biggie