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The update absolutely blew my mind! :O

I'm so dead 😂

Where did that witch go? :O

This scared the living crap out of me!

This is why I can't trust the mailman!

I got so lucky at the start :P

I may have glitched it but thank you so much for making this game :)

It makes my skin crawl so bad! :O

So much bread! :O

This is horrifying! I can't believe there are actually people who have this.

I'm as surprised as anyone else :P Thank you so much for making this!

Nice game! Keep it up ;)

This game is so soothing!

This is the most terrifying nostalgia trip I've ever had!


Great work! Thanks, Reb ;)


So beautiful!

This is genius!

I'm lost for words :P

You got me good there ;)

So rediculous and scary at the same time :P

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So silly, it's fantastic :D

What a charming and cute game. I loved it!

This game is so important. Well done!

The jumpscares got me good.

Absolute wow :D

So wonky but extremely entertaining!

I absolutely hate mannequins now. But I also enjoyed it to an incredible amount :P 

I've never felt more Swedish. 

Thank you for making it ;)

What a fantastic game!

This is so hilarious!

Holy hell!

I never thought a parkour game could be so soothing.


I just can't get enough of it. 

I'm really bad at horror games :P

Now, this is jet fighting!