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Still enjoyed it though :P

Sedär! Säg till om ni behöver fler let's plays av era spel ;)

Thanks, man! Apologies in advance for all the Swedish cursing :P

I demand an inspector's promotion.

Wouldn't have made it without my soccer ball :P

I keep walking in circles!! :O

Oh, I see!

I look forward trying it again sometime though :)

So neat and spooky! Loved it :)

I ran into a bug but I really think this game has potential, so keep doing what you're doing!

A bit laggy but definitely the most unique game I've played in a loooong time!

It keeps going :O

This gave me paranoia :P

Very well done game!

That scare got me good!

I exploit everyone equally!

A million thanks for developing it! And thank you so much for watching and liking the video as well as subscribing. I really look forward playing more of your games :)

This is why I hated school. So unbelievably creepy!

The noises freaked me out big time!

Stupid dogs!

Where is the ***** bread!?

Thanks, it was awesome! Don't hesitate telling me if you got more games in need of a playthrough ;)

I don't know how I did it but I did :P

I was creeped out without compare :O

This was a whole lotta fun :P

Very emotional!

Stop grabbing me!

I've seen things I can't unsee.

I'll be happy to do that! Let me know if there are more games you want let's plays of.

There's too many of them!! :O

Deep and interesting. Cool game :)

I'm the worst robot ever.

So soothing!

This is so ridiculous 😂

This is the craziest party I've ever been to

Stressing not to stress is hard.

Where's Martha when you need her?

I'm about to murder someone.

Definitely! Keep doing what you're doing  ;)

Love it <3

Who would even camp here?