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Thank you for your help. The castle and Crystal Cavern in the Fantasy series are very exquisite, and the music of Crystal Cavern is also great. Even if there are no subsequent updates, it is not a problem for me.

By the way, may I ask if you can create a modern style interior of a Japanese residence instead of a traditional Japanese style?

Oh, and the Japanese rural asset package? (e.g. paddy fields):)

Rpg Maker has many similar Japanese themed asset packages, but your works are far more exquisite than them.

I'm glad to see the UI asset package for this series. Is it still possible to purchase the Fantasy series asset package?

Unfortunately, I just noticed that they have been removed.

Great, I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

Wow, you're really amazing! Looking forward to your other works! By the way, I feel that there are not many suitable characters for a player team. Do you plan to create more of these types of characters?

Hello Aekashics, I really like your works. May I know what software you use to draw these images? In my personal opinion, these images are very suitable for JRPG games.

I'm glad to hear that. Thank you for your reply. The art works you have created are all very good, and I am looking forward to your updates!

Thank you for your reply. It seems that I need to choose Rural Japan.

Hello, I really like your art style. I'm a bit curious if this map package is still being updated, because the update log seems to have not been updated for a while. Also, the name of the map pack is 2022, which also makes me a bit confused.

I have used translation software and I hope there are no issues with my speech...

Hello Gutty, it's nice to see you post new content. I am currently using rpg maker mz, and I see that it seems to be an upgraded version of the previous Rural Japan. The specification of Rural Japan is 48x48, which is very suitable for me, but the new content you posted has a specification of 32x32. Considering that you have added some tiles, I am not sure which one I should choose to use. Do you have any suggestions?

Your idea is really unique and great! I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

It's hard to believe that there are so many types and excellent tiles at such a cheap price and with rapid updates. Salute to you! Take care of your body!

Great, I can't wait to create a beautiful world. Thank you very much,Gutty. 

By the way, may I ask if there will be more  tiles available in the future? Especially  near future style.

I have to say that this is the best looking series I have ever seen.I hope your work goes smoothly!

Thank you for your reply,Gutty.I'm sorry that these exquisite tiles cannot be used for RPG MAKER MV,but i also want to know can I use image editing software to create a picture style map of these tiles?

Because I think I have a way to solve this problem, I would like to know if I have the power to edit your tiles for use in profit or non-profit projects. Of course, I won't sell these materials again.

hello Gutty.

I fell in love with your works the first time I saw it.I would like to know if your Japanese collection can be used for RPG MAKER MV?I would be happy to purchase the entire collection.

Forgive me for my poor English. I wrote this using translation software.