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a bit hard to understand at first but once you get into the groove of things it's just /pos

oooh this is so cool and the. the what do you call that. the music. its. i love it and the amount of detail you can put into your character is. i love it so much. also. CHOMPSKY THE HELLHOUND SQUIRREL!!! oh I love this so much. tommy. tommy no. also DND LET'S GO NAT 20S

love the game, but just can't beat it...still fun though! got absolutely wiped out at the boss even though my stats were the best ones I've had so far. controls are fun and enemies are creative

i cant play anymore because its killing my computer but this is how far ive gotten

i like it :D

leaderboard maybe?? not sure @_@ i dont speedrun but this game was so fun i just had to try

there should be a speedrun thing for this-

i did it with 15 seconds left and-

dog is best boi.

i dont know who you are but

i nearly gave up after finding the frog @-@
glad i pushed through thou :D


climb on the dinosaurs

i like this game - but i can't solve the mystery..i'm just not really a puzzle solver, i guess. it's interesting to think that Singapore had all kinds of shady businesses in the past. I guess that no country is truly clean, but I've grown up in a nice era - in which Singapore prides itself on being good. Really interesting story- might come back to solve it. Thank you for this :D

I found the true ending on my first try but it took so much guessing and thinking- it's so good and touching and I can't bring myself to try again- not after this happy ending. Thank you for this- it's great.

This game. It-it's so good. I love it, I love how you slowly put things together. It's well written, and very, very nice. Good job! Wasn't expecting to feel sad that I completed it, but I do feel sad. Things link together well and I enjoyed it.

I tried it but nothing happened it just went past the number-