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Great lesson! I didn’t know that GMS2 uses the multiplier approach in other places, making some of these adjustments fairly trivial. Thank you! 🙂

I’m glad to hear you made it back alive! 😉 Thank you for playing!

I’m glad to hear you made it back alive! 😉 Thank you for playing!

Thank you, I appreciate it! ☺️

Thank you very much! ☺️

I really like the aesthetic of this game! Balancing between getting air from rocks and fuel from them is tricky, and the race for it all was fun!

If there’s one thing I’d recommend, maybe it would be easier to control some if you held the spacebar to mine instead of having to tap it continuously. Not a huge deal, though.

Overall, a fun little game! 😊

Oh, that’s cool! I didn’t know about that game, lol. 🙂

Thank you very much for the feedback! 😊 I’m glad it provided a challenge without being too crazy.

Thanks for the feedback! 😊 Gravity is a harsh taskmaster, that’s for sure!

Thank you for checking it out! 😊

Yeah, landing is a little challenging…don’t forget to use the speed and angle indicators on the right side of the screen to help out! Also, if you basically keep your ship’s nose pointed away from the planet and slow yourself down a lot, landing should be a little easier. I half thought about making those indicators pop up around your ship in a way that would make it more apparent (like a HUD overlaying the ship), but I ended up going with the indicators on the side for the release.

I appreciate the great feedback!

“Gravity”, the movie? 😛

I really like the aesthetic of this game - it’s dark and cool! The puzzle aspect of the game was fun, and overall I enjoyed it a lot! 😊

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I really like the artwork and animations for this game! The music was well-chosen as well.

At first I thought the RGB + mouse wheel camouflage controls were a little difficult, but I found myself having fun trying to quickly find just the right color to blend in with my surroundings!

Overall, a fun little game! Well done! 😊

Yeah! I had a few more ideas on top of what I built, but just didn’t have the time to implement them. Thank you for the feedback! 😊

Thank you! ☺️ I put a lot of work into the controls and menu screen, so it’s good to know they were appreciated.

Yeah, I thought about having a “Searcher” that would use a flashlight to warn others or a “Hunter” that would attack you, but I didn’t have enough time to implement that, unfortunately. Thank you for the feedback! ☺️

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback! ☺️

Thank you! 😊 I did make all the sounds myself…it was pretty fun to boot up Audacity and try and make screams, growls, and more, lol. I do plan on doing the WGJ every so often, so thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback! 😊 I’m glad to hear you like the controls. I tend to focus on the feel of them a lot, lol.

This is a pretty cool game! The puzzles were pretty cool and the controls were minimal and straightforward. It was a fun time!

If there was one thing that I’d improve, it’d be that the transformation detection seems kind of hit-or-miss. Sometimes I would be right beside the object I wanted to transform into, and clicking the left mouse button or pressing the XBox “X” button multiple times wouldn’t let me transform right away.

Overall, it was great! 😊

Thank you! I appreciate it! 😊👍

Thank you! 😊 Yeah, I wasn’t sure where to focus my time since this was my first game jam, and since I work full-time in software engineering, I only had the last weekend and an hour or two within this week to get things done. Next time I will most likely focus on the gameplay and level design, and put the polish off to the side more. 😉

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It’s a pretty fun little platformer! Some of those jumps are tough when you’re hurrying your way through! The sound effects are also pretty cute, and that timer sound makes you want to blast through each level before it’s too late.

The only thing I’d recommend is not having the jump button in a place that makes it feel like you control everything with one hand. Perhaps the jump button could be the space bar or J key, that was it’s a little more ergonomic.

Regardless, it’s a great submission! 😊