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Is there a way to make Sam more manly like it says in the tutorial? I've only been able to turn him more feminine no matter what I've tried.

Hello! I am very interested in playing your game, but every time I go to install it, it looks like it's about to download, then it pops back to the normal pink install button. Can you please help me fix this?  Thank you.

Okay, thank you.

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Yay! The link you sent me worked perfectly, thank you. No, I didn't click on anything other than the install option, which for other games gave me the options to choose what to download, but it just went right through and I guess downloaded the PC version and thats why it wasn't working. Again, thank you for your help! I am excited to play this game :)

I'm using a macbook, and it hasn't even asked me which version I want to download. I just click the install option, it goes grey with a spinning loading circle beside the word downloading, then a few seconds later it pops back to the install option.

I'm using a macbook and I've tried both of the versions that came with the $1 game.

Hello, I really want to play this tutorial, but everytime I click install it just goes grey and says downloading and a second later install is back and i cant play the game. Can someone please help me fix this problem?

Hello, so I bought this game today and I'm unable to launch it. I have tried uninstalling and re downloading both of the options multiple times but the furthest I've gotten to playing is a black screen that I have to force quit after a few minutes. Could someone help me figure out whats wrong?