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do you need help with your pc?

it should always be on Full

now i wonder if they are using absolute controls

Mega's domain strikes again, try to 'allow anyway' the download link or use a VPN/DNS, if that dosen't work i can reupload it on mediafire or something

From the Devs, Yes, and its most likely in the next version

you might have a problem with your Antivirus, disable it for a bit or check its actions, if you disable it, reunzip the file and try again

do stuff every 3-4 seconds, cameras are useful only to check foxy every few seconds, Bonnie and Chica needs only to check the halls in the office one time every few seconds, while freddy is needed to check her on Cam 6 and close the door, if freddy's AI decided to be a bitch, she will probably suck all Power

the easter egg 1/9/8/7 has only a secret Call, but after checking the save data and tried something i found what went wrong, it was Freddy's death by power out, apparently it does not count if you die that way, though you get the easter egg anyway

it is similar to the original FNaF, freddy wanders until she goes to the kitchen and then she attacks, so close the door like you would do with foxy

there are a few completion, get fucked by Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, enter the code 6-9-6-9 on night 7 or get lucky with finding golden freddy and click multiple times on the donut on the desk

already did it from night 1

i got a 95% one, still can't figure out what am i missing

my bad

nice, saw that a lot of devs don't make ports, so its nice you have the idea of it

i might rip the game and make a SDK of this, thought i might just ask them in a DM

night 3+, foxy will be active, after that, you can get caught and see the anim

which OS have you? i found some glitches in Unity-based games on Win 11, after that, you might be using a Mac or something else, in that case it can be that this game is Windows only for now

its made with GMS, it should be

exactly, now it looks solveable, i see you removed the spinning spikes and moved the moshroom, in case i see other softlocks, bug or something else i'll report to you.

should i send you some screenshots?

i found a softlock, on a left side altar, there is a impossible escape, the room is very high and from the bottom (where the altar is) you can get high only to a "plant", after that it could be possible to do a walljump, dash trought the wall, avoiding the rotating spikes, jump barely enough to get higher and repeat at least 3 times (difficult)

go to toy bonnie's camera (Cam 3) click the bell and say to her "No" (its right to the "Yes" button overlapping the map)

you could try using an emulator of windows, for a mac port i think it'll take a long time, i could try to make a fanport, but jumping in again and installing all goddot files would drain me again

yeah, you can, you need a decompiler for the goddot engine and the goddot engine, if you mean the tracks, then yes, there is a tool to create them, you get some reference from the discord and can also be helped by the community, other than that, installing the mods is easy as click and drag to a "mods" folder