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wow shill how much do they pay you for this PR? let's not kid ourselves that a establishment with this high level of security is anywhere near the red. and how does c-world make so much money? wealthy patrons with lots of money to throw around (literally in this case). its not clear whether they simply do not have any signs up telling people not to throw things in the tank, or if they actively encourage guests to treat this enclosure like a wishing well but in either case its clear more budget is put into spotlights than safety precautions for the animals.  while its possible this section of the screen is transfer area rather than a full habitat, it still does not address whether or not its safe for these species to be in the same enclosure. and also if its meant as a tunnel, it should be completely clear of obstructions so the fish do not get stuck and having anything in here is clear negligence. c-world does not care about conservation of  these creatures  like an aquarium or nature reserve, they are a for profit business and will not only cut corners to save costs but also ruthlessly hunt down any perceived threat to their assets. 

ok c-world apologist...  just looking at the tank tells u these animals are not properly cared for in this commercialized nightmare park. there is barely any enrichment items besides three seaweed stalks, and the fish are possibly not even compatible species to co-habitate.  frank isn't stealing any gems, he is fishing out unsafe items that are being thrown into the tank.  the animals could easily choke on or these or get stuck in their digestive track. frank is risking his life sneak into the theme park and capture the fish - of course the fish are panicking it is a stressful situation and they do not know any better! i refuse to hear this slander, only rich elites and folks still trapped in propaganda would see frank, robin hood or any other freedom fighter figure as the bad guy. / jk

having so much fun w this!! sometimes the hitboxes are a little unclear (especially for the boat) and i wish i could remap the tools bc i busted my up arrow but cute and enjoyable!! very hard though i haven't been able top 800 points

the art is so wonderful i am in love with frank's sprite

sweet game, lovely art!

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a couple more errors - 

i was able to use the encyclopedia despite not picking it up 

if you walk left to the screen with the elders after maria starts following you,  there will be two marias on the screen when you return to where you find her.  speaking to her again will cause the duplicate maria to disappear though, so it doesn't prevent you from finishing the game

also, with maria, you are able to walk on the wall with the window, which you aren't able to do without her

i like that i've gotten the 'true ending' end card several times despite taking several different paths to get to it (ive gotten it with and without killing,  with or without forgiveness, its cool they are able to get the same result)

i have now been able to get all endings: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (the error i mentioned previously occurs after you tell your father you hate him before entering the feeding room, and you did pick up the gun but i was able to get the ending without issue in the alternate path where you are offered the deal)

(also idk if i expressed just how much i love this game in my previous comment its just so good!! since there's no sound/music i picked a random album to listen to while playing and lookingafter by vashti bunyan and it was coincidentally like the perfect mood and tone for several parts in the story. the path i took on my blind playthough was the most rewarding and satisfying, the gradual discoveries you make in  the story is perfectly paced.  it was a bit slow trying to figure out what triggered the different endings but i did enjoy finding differences in the paths i could have taken. im really impressed this is your first game because its one of the most interesting and engaging  story game ive ever played!)

and also cw for gun violence/death? 

i think i ran into my first glitch, i was offered to make a deal but then the dialogue prompt becomes stuck in place, on an empty dialog box 

oh i almost dont wanna go back and see the other endings after managing to get 'true ending' lol

description may need a cw for suicide/suicidal ideation based on that one journal though