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Muito obrigado !

Thanks Swegie !


Waw, thanks a lot for your kind words. we're glad you enjoyed our student game. 3 months is very short and it was our first "real" game we worked on. We had to make some hard choices but overall we're super glad with how the game turned out !

Thank you Sabrina for playing our game & for the kind words :)

Muchas gracias !

Thank you !

Ohh we're sorry to hear that ! But I guess we reached our goal in a way... :)
Anyways, thanks a lot for trying our game & don't worry, once you understood the enemies' movements and patterns, they're not that scary anymore !

Thanks a lot Sam !

Hello, thanks for the feedback !
It's absolutely true, as we only had a few months, we focused on gameplay & visuals. Sounds and story surely could be improved in a lot of ways :)

Hey thanks a lot for playing our game, we're glad you enjoyed it !
And we'll see for the updates ahah, we're currently nominees in the "Student" category of the "Belgium Game Awards". We'll see what happens next :)

Thanks a lot !

Hey Stella, we're glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the feedback !