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probably the entry that most resembles an actual game. i got stuck on the first boss but didn't wanna leave everyone waiting for my rating thingie, though i expect i'll keep chipping through this for the next couple days

Since you marked it as a development build my computer freaks out and assumes it's a virus

hi Stephen!

Currently the game is 2-player only (My experience programming AI is very limited). To see Player 2’s board/pieces you need to use the crank. 

As for how to play, I’d like to add in-game instructions in the future, but for now any Knucklebones guides should apply, such as this one:,with%20the%20highest%20score%20wins.

you can play this on the Playdate Simulator included in the Playdate SDK if you're so inclined (although this kind of experience is better on the console IMO).