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Shoichi Routes | Tennis Ace Wiki | Fandom follow path A. Im not sure if the 30th is the one you'll get but I belive it is

Thank you

how do I start the game?

Alright, thank you

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When I click on alt server/ Sileo on iOS, it says “alr server not available or Sileo not available “. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Will do, thanks a lot!

Hi, i was wondering if it's normal that on day 8 of Marrowyn, after the play has left for the day with Doc and Marruk, for an error to occur? When I do ignore it brings me to day 9 after you've gotten to the lab with doc.

Thank you very much!

Does anyone have the recipe for the sauce that Burry and Luke made?

Orveia community · Replied to Orveia in Coal

Orveia community · Created a new topic Coal

How do i get coal? I went into the wolf den but it's grayed out

Is there a place where I can find the ost list?

Thank you for this wonderful visual novel


Is it normal that I can't download it?

Is there a sex scene with Tchort?


I talked to everyone and eventually, the game told me to use my map. I talked to Tom about helping with the bandits and the wolves and after i talked with the big cat guy and i was able to leave after

I found it

Orveia community · Created a new topic How to leave

I have no idea how to leave the town send help

It's out

How do I save?

Thank you very much :)

Tavern of Spear v0.29e community · Created a new topic Exp?

Does anyone know which farmable enemy gives the most xp?

I copy pasted the files from the save folder from the older version and it opened them and I was able to play with no issues so far.

Would it work if i transferred my old saves into the new version?

Does anyone know when the game will get more French translation?

Has anyone found any after class fanfiction?

does anyone know if it's possible to get the character sprite files?

Tbh i would let Drago own me

Thanks for reminding me

Am I the only one who can't load my saves from build 9?

There's an old version of morenatsu where Tora has a route but it's not finished

Happy Birthday, Walter and Herbert! Love you guys

ok thanks

Does anyone know how I can download the soundtrack of after class?

Is it still possible to get Lars's special episode?

Loved this, I swear I want to marry that bear