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Nice great little game, the art style was very relaxing and fitting although the boat skipping around was a little bit jarring and not being able to move the text along with the keyboard made it a tad harder to play through than would be ideal. Good job!

Sorry didn't see the email come in about your reply! 

Its farrrrr from done and it has progressed a fair bit since this but this is the post I have online for it til screenshotsaturday : Check out @TurtleKwitty’s Tweet:

Working on adding animations and such that I need for the game but really loved your style haha 

Currently working on a "tiny game" in the dungeon crawl genre and wanted to credit you properly in Twitter; do you have a Twitter I can link back to when posting stuff?

That does make sense, glad to know it was a conscious choice then 

As for the slowness I would say that it is the walking sequence as you mentioned, although it's not the walking itself but the fact that the character activeky walks the full screen before the change of seen I think it would speed up the process and feel less slow ifinstezd the character walked a portion then a quick game and scene change instead?

It would likely add to making the game feel better if the aim wasnt locked on to certain points, and maybe invert the shooting angle, so that pulling awya form the chartacter will aim towards the mouse ? As it is the game feels a big slow and clunky but it has a lot of potential!