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It was fun hahaha

Loved it!

Really good, I loved it!

Amazing! xD

My favourite by far! Great job!

Awesome! Good job!

Freaking loved it! Great job!

Loved it!!!

Creepy asf, loved it!

Loved it! xD

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It was such an amazing experience! Super cool plot! Congrats xD

Loved it! Took me a while to figure out all endings, but it was a cool experience xD

Great job! Loved it!

Achei f0da, na  moral. Levei altos sustos kkkk, ótimo trabalho!

Loved it! Scared the sh*t out of me!

Genuinely scared the sh*t out of me, great job! 

Muito bom, cara! Deu altos cagaç0s kkkk, a história também é ótima! Parabéns!

Great game, scared the crap out of me lmao

Very nice, scared the crap out of me x

Great game, dude! It was fun x