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just to confirm, with the bug fixed, `subleq @IN, something, something` would perform a read from the queue, and branch according to the subtraction result, then discard the result? (that's what my expectation would be, at least)

If you wanted to do something more special/possibly useful, you could make this read not advance the queue, acting as a kind of 'peek' operation. depending on the (theoretical) underlying hardware, this could be either a kludgy special case, or rather elegant to add. just an idea i had because of the current behavior which doesn't actually touch the queue at all (for a while i was wondering if it was acting as a peek for some reason, before realizing it was interacting with memory), meaning that as long as no solution relies on @IN acting as memory, choosing whether to advance the queue or not in this case is a decision left up to the designer (i.e. you).

I think I ran into a (documentation?) bug. The very first "program" mentions the following: "@IN (253): Reads a value from input (writes are ignored)"

Writes are not, in-fact, ignored, it is it's use as a second argument to a subleq instruction that is special cased, or so it appears. When used as the first argument, it actually reads and modifies memory, as can be seen in the memory view!

I'm not sure if anyone else's solutions relies on this behavior, but it prevents an optimization I was hoping to try on one level.

Ah, okay! That's nice.

I haven't read the story yet, but I have a couple of notes:

 - It sounds like you intended the general version to be free, and the Director's cut to cost money? Because, unless you changed that without changing the description, both are available for free. (I'll stick with the general version out of respect, but wanted to give you a heads up just in case you weren't aware)

 - It would be nice if a PDF version was provided. I don't normally keep a word processor on my phone, and in general work with PDFs far more often than word documents.

Other than that, I'll try to leave a comment on the story itself once I've read it!

This 5 page comic is really wholesome (like everything else Zandra writes). I'd reccomend this for anyone who enjoyed Cat Wishes and Feline Therapy through the Racial Justice and Equality Bundle and wants to support the writer(/artist?)