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This is a good game, But I wanted to make my own version and .ccpz files aren't compatible with CopperCube 6. If you have a solution or fix to that problem, then thank you. Other than that, the game is good!

I played this on xbox, This is amazing! Wish there would be multiplayer, but it's also fine without it. Great game!

For some reason, I had more fun playing the first section than the horror section.

I went in to this in the Haunted PS1 Demo discs and thought it was just a simple horror game since I didn't read the warning, but when I played the FreeFall chapter, I felt really bad for the people in this. Honestly I felt awful due to Charlie Passing away. I didn't even know who they were and I still felt sad. And I thought I would stop playing due to this mildly scaring me.

possibly the 2nd heaven



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This is a really good game, played it 3 times, 1 on Chrome, 2 on Windows. But I've looked everywhere and I can't find the extras, I even extracted the EXE file and I only found the icon. But still a great game!The

Well this is a great game! It's hard but fun to navigate the entire place. And at finish, it was the same as ozwalled, but I went further and I was soon enough, in a void!


bruh moment

I found UNITRES dreams on Newgrounds and I love that game, Glad to see it has a sequel!

Claus: Care for an apple?

andy(which is a apple):

what the frick

Jeez is this creepy! I was kinda scared playing this, and I would recommend giving this game a play! a few glitches, but most if not all minor.

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In the Cave/Canyon/Office(I Don't Know ok?) level on splitscreen, there's a huge problem where we if we try and get out, it'll reset us back to the elevator no matter what.

And there is another minor issue where if you play splitscreen, go to main menu and back to splitscreen, it will be 3-Player. It is minor until you make it to the 3rd level(In the office again). About 2 seconds the game will crash due to both players dying at the same time.

Please Fix these issues.

I got a new GPU and Now I can use OpenGL, and I can say the game is really Cool!

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(15 minutes later from drawing in tmPaint)

Oh boy can't wait to play tmOD!


The first map I had fun until I found tm and THAT room.
But on the 2nd map, it was fine. except for teh shado men
Also I quickly realized console was actually game code
But still great Game!

oh boy cant wait 2 mak art!!!1!!1!11

my layout lol

1 minute later
the b o o k
5 minutes later(me needing to remember every word in history)
Launching tmOD...
10 minutes later(me play tmOD)
oh boy now that was fun

Besides that, Great game!


Alright. You should also add a "Legacy Mode" with the old Player sprites, Music and backgrounds! but you don't have to, just a suggestion

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What was good and bad:

So this game was fun in the 1st and 2nd versions, and I do want to see it continue. Meanwhile in the wait for "SRC around the world", I'll just give of what I like and dislike


  • The title screen music does sound like a SilvaGunner rip, but it's better than the earlier music.
  • The menu is easier to navigate
  • The sprites are better now :D
  • Physics are changed
  • The music is WAY better
  • The backgrounds aren't just literal seizures
  • New Loading screen
  • The title screen looks better
  • There is no secret in the beginning of the game, which means this isn't a modified SRC1!
  • New way of saving
  • The down arrow actually crouches now


…About none!

I think this game is VERY underrated and is really cool!

Honestly kinda fun! Playing a glitchy and infected state of a once beautiful game about ERROR {Cannot load comment.js} Is kinda cool!

Also you should've made a file called G.js in the game files.

Otherwise this is a really p o g g e r s game


Looks cool, but can you add DirectX 9 support?

I can't play most games without it and i can only play games which support my d3d9 or opengl .dll files or have DirectX 9 support because of my GPU

However if there is a 32bit version then I'll play that way instead.

Overall, it looks great and if I were to play this, I would love it!

Also, here's some art. Looks pretty bad, but atleast decent.

again I don't know

Well rushed or not, still great!

try using vs shaggy code idk

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I liked this, but there were issues I noticed.

  1. The game is copied from the 1st, REALLY obvious when you do the cheat code(Enter x2, Shift, Enter x2.) You get a blank screen(Which is the SRC1 credits, but it's deleted) and you get nothing, which is the SRC1 level sel.
  2. This is however Minor, The Title screen is just the SRC1 Title edited.
  3. Again minor, The coins are just the SRC1 goal gray-scaled.
  4. Physics are literally the SRC1 physics, however it is easy to get used to it.
  5. The sprites are from SRC1, which is weird for a sequel but again, is easy to adapt.
  6. If you have coins, Press enter+esc (or esc x2) which the title, and start a new game, your coins will be what they were before(Example: 52)
  7. hold down and do the game(He'll crouch through the entire game, they shouldn't remove this lol)
  8. What's the point of characters if they do the same thing?
  9. The 2nd level is LITERALLY the 2nd level of SRC1, and there's collision missing.

But everything else I loved! hope you make more of this series!

9.9/10 best sonic racing game

have some milk


  • ASS


Friday Night Funkin' community · Created a new topic THE


  • ASS

ice baby die

Yes, a cute ghost story can be spooky

This was the first game i played on PC, and i love it.