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Also in results screen press enter to play again!

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unfortunately we didnt put mobile controls :( only left and right arrow keys.

You guys definitely nailed that shot. SOOO juicy! Great game just me the good kind of anxiety. lol

Wow I love the concept of this game! Very simple touch controls easy for anyone to pick up and play! Great Game!

Oooh I really want to play this in 2 player mode! lol Great game guys!!

Ohh very tense atmosphere Andre! love it! We really need an explosion sound!!! A BOOM!

That frog is so awesome! tricky jumps in the end there! :)

The difficulty level ramps up very nicely. The introduction of different obstacles and of course that juice and feeling of accomplishment! Well done guys!!! 

Great take on out of control mechanic! The confetti fail shot too lol

Shawn with the killer design!! Love this even though its crazy tuff. lol 

DUDE I Love this! Great take on the 10 second theme :)

Thanks Buddy :)

yeah that's def from the cam shake when u dig lol :( 

Dude! i love this concept. This design has u all over it Shawn :)

Hi there. The nuggets are visible for the first 5 seconds of the level they turn invisible afterwards.  It was originally designed for a test in memory.  Sorry for confusion :)

I cant get passed 2 days! lol

I feel the hurt turtle sound! lol 

Ugh i died soo close to the pier! lol

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Don't get too frustrated. lol u can do it! :)

Ridiculously hard but i cant put it down.... lol