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I was concerned about it messing with me, so I switched back to the original skins… and it was unbearable.

Now, I play with weird horses. :)

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I love this resource pack, it looks amazing.

But, it would seem that horses are missing significant amounts of their bodies.

Fortunately, so far Steam controller mapping works well enough. :)

So, I checked it out with the 8Bitdo SNES bluetooth controller, and it works great in X-Input mode.

But with the telerod on the right trigger, :( the SNES controller is lacking that button. I mean, it’s a super non-standard controller with far fewer buttons than “normal” anymore, so not a big deal. But just thought I could mention it.

Checking it out, with v1.2 (I dunno if I ever got v1.1, lol) the padlocks are _much_ nicer now. They still require some quick timing to not lose progress, but it’s not prescient-levels of reaction times. ;)