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love this + i hope ur cozy in the specific ways u want to be many many times in ur life

hope it serves u as well as it has served me

great font choice + maps, also drain staircase let’s goo


Anything works, just wish it felt bigger (ie more variation), as it currently is I think I walked around about 7-8 minutes before realizing  that it was looping. If you're actually planning on expanding, maybe some more 'room's, like the one with the TV in it, densely packed with furniture and junk etc. 

I've been playing this for 10-30 minutes nearly every day since I found it, researched Kowloon history, read a photobook on it, watched a couple documentaries, fascinating, and very good work dev. Do you intend to keep working on it? I don't know any 3d  modeling if I did I would definitely assist. Let me know if I can help in any other way.

Did not know you could restart or delete cars so I was stuck on the last level for about thirty minutes but it paid off. Fantastic 10/10

unease  → appreciation  → coziness  → wonder → horror → contentment →horror 

What an absolutely godless fucking place. 10/10. Wish there were a couple more chunks and a way to contact the developer.

Neat. Mechanically + visually. 10/10

tnx vy... gta er moto... ryt 

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Hope u liked it <3

i want to save a file for you


I don't know how to express what I feel about this (and most of your oeuvre) without using the word 'love' and I don't like to use it so I won't express my feelings. Respect

So good! Very pleasant, the ending is perfect. Really liked what you did with the 'menu' screens at the beginning and while looking into the mirror :)) <3

Maybe not this time

Eat more vegetables

Too specific 0/10

tHe pRoCeSs hAs bEgUn oOoOOoh

I think it could be, yeah

Mad cute