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Hey Ponifex and Robert,  I'm glad you guys enjoyed the demo from last year. I've been really busy and hard at work on the new iteration of game, Most of the project will be retained but there are tons of improvements to the overall structure and design. I'm hoping you'll give it a shot when I get a new build out hopefully soon.

To answer your question Ponifex, I made the music myself and have been working on the project by myself, all a one man team

you're thinking too deep about this

yes there will be c:


I don't plan on locking that, I'll be giving the option for both body types.

The only form of funding directly towards the game is my Patreon or through the itch io donation, though I don't advertise it much. I do have some mutuals that assist me but outside of that I don't have many plans to form a team yet. Happy to hear you're excited, me too.

Hey there Connorses, if you're using Windows 10, you'll have to check to see if you have the network security checkboxes checked. If not, windows won't allow any connections regardless of the port being forwarded.

To make sure the checkboxes are checked, go to control panel > Network and Internet > View Network and Tasks > Change Adapter Settings > Right click your connected router, properties > sharing tab.  Check the two checkboxes then apply.

If this solution doesn't work, I am going to be releasing this game on Steam within this year that uses the steamworks serversockets, that way you can host a game through there rather than to port forward.

Heya Squilliard.

1) Atlyss isn't discontinued but it is currently on hiatus. I'm looking to be picking it back up, just not exactly sure when.  The last I've worked on it was a couple months back making some slight optimization adjustments, but no further releases were made since the build I put out in November.

2) I will be putting it on steam for sure, the netplay co-op will be using the steamworks servers.

Thank you possum for your feedback. There's quite a lot more work that needs to be done, but I'm happy you gave it a try

Hola. Gracias por su interés en el juego. Donar a través de la página sin duda me ayudará mucho si lo consideras. Para el tema de los antivirus, eso es algo que desconozco. Es un juego de Unity.

Heya soda, thank you for pointing that out about the restart button. I completely forgot about that. Thank you so much for trying the build out. c:

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The modifiers will allow for stat overrides, such as elemental damage types for example. They can also add passive buffs, "on-attack" conditional de-buffs, abilities, and different item drop tables too. There's a lot that can be done with them :D

There will be, and no, there is no pay-walling for any released test builds

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Here's a post answering some common questions about Atlyss and what it's about. 

  • Is this a porn game? Can you have sex in it, will there be sex?
There will be no sex in the game and neither is it a porn game. I'm looking to make this a regular game just with suggestive/nsfw character designs. Atlyss is an "ecchi" game. I do understand that it may come off disappointing, however I believe a game that's made should be made without anything forced/shoehorned in just to please a demographic. I am not opposed to modifications/hacks by others if they were to apply that in, though.
  • Will there be native modding support?
Once the game is to a point where it's a good time to add native modding support, then absolutely. Otherwise, I 100% accommodate mods/hacks by other means.
  • There's a lot of features shown on Twitter/Social media, but I'm not seeing them in the current release.
Anything shown on social media usually is a showcase of work-in-progress material. Chances are, what's shown there has not be released yet, just progress on the development in-game. Any new builds/demos will be announced when they release.
  • Can you play as a male character?
Character customization will be mostly geared towards ambiguous/androgynous design options. Once released or if released, the breast/boob feature is a toggle that you can toggle off. There are no plans to add a "bulge" currently unless later posted.
  • There's a Patreon for KisSoft and it's games. Is there any pay-walling for game builds?
For Atlyss and other potential game projects, any game builds will not be pay-walled on Patreon. All builds will be public. 
ATLYSS community · Created a new topic Welcome!
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Welcome to the ATLYSS discussion board. I've made the decision to transition the comment system to a different format.

If you're interested in continuous updates for the upcoming builds, check out @kis_soft on twitter or join the kisSoft underground discord server.


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I won't say there's no chance of it but the likeliness of it happening is very low for a while.

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There is no breast toggle in the current version, but when there will be in the next version, you can toggle them off. I also plan on adding eyes without lashes as well.

Gameplay wise, no. I personally don't find sex in gameplay very fun at all and I probably wouldn't be able to make it fun either. What's more likely though are suggestive emotes, hidden scenes, etc. Basically anything visual/optional and nothing integral to the game mechanics whatsoever.

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Thanks for trying it out!! I will be making that camera directional input be toggled soon.

That's correct. Anything recently posted on my social media regarding the game in the past couple days has not been released yet.

Hey kings, you can play multiplayer on the earlier version (Lyscc_v0.721). Port forward on port 7777 on TCP, then host a game and have friends join in :D

Hey there whinson, thanks for trying the game out :D

You can play netplay on the earlier version (Lyss_v.0721) as the more current version is soloplay only. You'll have to port foward on your router with port 7777 and set it to TCP to host and play with friends.

Oops! Went ahead and fixed it! Thanks!

I fixed it, thank you!

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Thanks for trying the game out! It's always entertaining to see how others approach the game in their perspective.

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Thank you for trying the game out, Skydjinn! I'm very late to respond but I have watched your play-through and took careful consideration on how you approached the game in that state. Fortunately, nearly everything you wished for in game changes are applied in the newest version I just released tonight! 

I hope you'd give it a try, i'd love to hear what you think about this new version. Take care!