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I have discovered the cause of my dumb. I was reading the O as a 0.

Yes, the other keys work just fine.

Honestly, the only thing that's not working fantastically is the export.

When I hit export all it does is regenerate the city and I don't get the file?

I'm running a windows machine and I exported a JSON from your other thing to make a non-prefab city.

Is there a way to see what's going wrong?

Ah! Thank you very much for playing the game!

There's more to the game than you seem to have found but I understand recording a video can be a speedy process.

I had an entire notepad open to one side while I refreshed the game to get all the dialogue,

Worth it. Didn't diminish the gameplay at all. 10/10

So, I managed to start the game up in Wine (since I run mac) and had no idea what to do since the text didn't show up no matter how much I clicked around... Then , I found out I could walk around with the arrow keys and got stuck on the coffee table.

Not the most terrible thing that could've happened, considering. But, meh.

The models were nice and it's not often you find a first game that has a 3D area you can't reach for aesthetic reasons.

Yay~ I'm glad you liked it! (I'm also glad Yoquito got a chuckle or two out of you)

My number was 82 the entire time. It was no match for my superior intellect >:3

I can't play the game because it gives me an error that says there's an unexpected end of script

If we only have a week, it would help immensely to have the theme even before the jam starts

But, I digress.

Oh dear... Perhaps stuffed dogs would be a good fit for you then... For cuddle purposes.

But, when I asked about favorite dogs, I meant in the game. XD

I'll bear that in mind. So, no favorite dog? Okay. o3ob

Aw~ Thank you! Do you have a favorite dog? Would you play a longer version?