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Thanks! Crashes are part of the jam game fun, haha!

Thank you! :)

Hi! I uploaded the track to this itch page. You can download it the same way you downloaded the game.

I made the ambient sounds myself! If you'd like to download them, let me know and I'll upload them somewhere.

This is the current WR! Congratulations!

What a refreshing game! I enjoyed the atmosphere with the music the most.

The scanner visuals were also awesome and I like that it also affects gameplay with the way it can stop moving platforms.

That being said, I felt a lot of the jumps were kinda tight, especially considering it was the start of the game. My main frustration came early on with the first bird section, not realizing the bird momentum carried throughout your jump. Maybe that was my bad on that one.

Otherwise, I like it! I was constantly motivated to find the next screen to go to and finding secrets like getting out of bounds.

How were the scanner visuals made? My guess is linecasts animated with a sine wave and colored based on the sign of the wave. Would love to know more.

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it. I agree with the triangle comment as well. Cutting it would have left me with more time to explore the core mechanic.