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I had met a bug too...The crate is blocked in the yellow block and can't be moved...

I agree at all.

My high score at the moment: 86.

Personal tutorial: 

At first, you need to figure out what relationships between these tiles are: -2 meet -1=0; -1 meet -2=+4; -2 meet+2=-2; +1 meet -1=+1; -2 meet +1=+3; -1 meet +3=+1; 0 meet+1=+3(it need -2 near around).

Tips you need to learn after you remember all relationships: 

1. you need to turn -1 into +2 as fast as possible 

2. you need to move +1 near -2 as more as possible 

3. you need to use +4 to help you move rows or columns when one column of layers almost fill up 

4. don't move the cursor from -2 to -1 unless you need 2. 

5. you can't move +1 after it turn into +3 so be careful 

6. 0,+1, -1, +4 can be moved but they will cost steps in one turn too 

7. On the opposite, -2, +2,+3 can't be moved. 

Good luck! Hope this tutorial can help you a bit.

When it is launched on steam? I can't donate many US dollars because the limit of region and currency... I had sent an email for you and I am a Chinese so I can't use my PayPal...

All right. Thanks.

Just explore and solve varieties of puzzles? If it's right, it's so simple and blank...

What the way of  increase the difficulty? I'm sorry that I can't guess.

Ok, I had sent an email for you.

If your game launchs on steam, it can be seen by more players and it means more money is coming, don't right?(I'm a Chinese and I had not us dollars to buy...but if your game have a steam store page, I can buy it with CNY on Chinese region)May you help me?

Nothing is make sense. The original one is the best. Others is accessories only. You will be successful on career unless you get a new idea on these old works and take it into your game. This following is as like as trades but the best is only ones.

May you gives some examples? It can protect yourself and let more people to get it at the same time. My opinion is simple and bad because of the starting of your game don't displays the difference.

Does it not copy the Hocus from think it is sure, don't it?And I want to say it is a simple and bad work.