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Plasma Jedi

A member registered May 02, 2019

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Well aren't you just a spooky little game. Enjoyed the atmosphere, had fun running away like a scared mouse, and decided in the end to stay. Fun fun! Can Check out my Playthrough if you want!:

Played this some time ago and had an amazing time with it! I enjoy coming back to it here and there and blasting more enemies. 

I know I have heard that sound affect from somewhere! Of the gun. Also, I am the best painter that has ever graced this games universe. Just have to toss that out there. Had fun, not too spooky but I enjoyed myself. 

The game play of it is about half way through the video below! 

Nope I didn't get any fuel. Because I died. How does one get fuel if they are dead?!?! Had a good time! 

You can't scare me!... Okay maybe a little. Good stuff! 

Oh the shivers. They came and surrounded me for a time or two. Good fun! Glad you ripped this from your hard drive! 

Talk about strange. I really enjoyed the slip slap of that super detailed heart of gooooo. 

Had a lot of fun with this one. Even though I broke the game! Whoops! Seem to be an expert at that.

Oh my what have i done? What have they done? Who am i? Idk, but i think i did good.

You ever feel like your being watched??? That was me, all the time. Scuryy.

Pupper died, I avenged him!!!!

Them jumpscares got me good! Fun fun!

Had a bit of fun with this one! Boy am I terrible at puzzles but hey it gave me a few spooks and I had fun. Which is the most important. Keep it up!

I've been spooked one too many times from this one. Well done!

I claim innocence! 

Youuuuuu little trickster! Haha good fun!

Oh now here is a good time! For being a school project this feels really well put together. Nice creeps and peeps!

I felt confused for so long. But I believe I understand, nice visuals.

Well then she wasn't too happy with her love of BRAINS...

Quite the experience with several puzzles that through you through a few loops. Mamma sure is mean!

Fun short experience with a strange twist at the end. Enjoyed it.

I forgot there was so much red inside of meat bags! Awesome work!

Oh too much fun with this. Join me as I am bored and then scared into my pants!

Why are all of the birds missing? Time for Mike to make the ultimate sacrifice so they can fly one more time. Or is it forever? 

Loved it.