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its made by a youtuber 

when pikwip 2

i wanna play pikwip 2

pikwip 2 would be an amazing thing

please make pikwip 2

i will start a pikwip cult if we get pikwip 2

i am adicted to pikwip so please make pikwip 2

maybe a little tutoriol (sorry for bad english) and a counter for the orb thingies would be nice

it types so slow

we need a hatch all eggs button

oh okie dokie

neh kinda easy its just remembering

i got crashed ending first try

remember that its made with only using ai


when update



we got it

where is the shrine

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its not that bad but it needs to get a bit better

also can you add more guns like a rpg

and more maps

online mode???

is this multiplayer

is there only one level

make web

Rat comments · Replied to Loam in Rat comments

yaay more hats for rats

i olove how orb is better then an ssr

i got stuck in the pool lol

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hello and welcome to this reply. i just want you all to shut the f**** up i know where you live (earth) 

add multi player with splitscreen and instead jumping with space you jump with shift and it would be an battle

what are you playing as?

oh that is gonna take a while lol


is there only one hat or are there more?

hello i think it would be great if you had abilitys like a shockwave or a power magnet

why is every thing high quality but the big alien doesnt

how to restart

please make  this playeble on web

online mode maybe?

can you make some of your games web

make this a web game cuz for some reason i cant dwnload it

hi score 102

why do we have to wait to play the game

my pidgeon wont evolve anymore

you can jump on the icecream truck and jump to obama