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Finished up the second part yesterday and oh my god was it just a one way ticket on the feels train. Thank you for making these games Nami. I really have fallen in love with the world.

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Really enjoyed this one so much, I attached part one and a link to my vid.me video!

Thanks for making this @nomnomnami

It's brilliant and I can not get enough so keep em coming! <3


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The next video in the series is out, quite a long one too and I enjoyed it tons. Thanks for letting me put em up on my channels :3

Can't wait for the next game!



This is the second video of the series and I can not wait to play more. Just before recording I read most of it to my God daughter before bed and she fell in love with the world and the characters. Especially Salt.

Anyways. I hope I did the video justice. It made a two year old girl really happy and excited.

Kind regards,


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As promised here is the link to the first video!

I have to say I adore these games. I hope I did it justice!




Thank you very much. It should be out around Sunday


I just discovered these adorable games and I would LOVE to do a playthough of all three on my YouTube channel if that would be okay, I'll be crediting you fully of course, linking the game and your patreon and stuff. Would it be okay of I did it? I'll link everything as a reply to this.