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I got the pink slip because the cat got in the office

i didn't know he could bypass the door stage

When i input the code nothing happens

and Golden scratch cat killed me before the night could end

But first playthrough, AMAZING

I got jumpscared on night 2 by him on my first play through

and Gobo had been right at the door!

I made it to night 3 hour 4 before I got jump scared by Springtrap on my first playthrough

why are there only two cameras available in the hallways?

Woo! 49

What do i do

i got number23 for some reason, why?

what do the bananas do

Haha, I love this game

One playthrough I just stayed on the shelf and the toys absolutely murdered each other, it was HILARIOUS!

How many endings are there?

Ohhhhhhhh makes sense

I can't interact with anything! I press E when i'm near an object, but nothing happens! Please Help!

(1 edit)

Endings i got So far:

"Good" ending

Escape ending

True ending (Aww, how cute!)

There's treelogy

t gets stuck at "Ugh... It's almost time for work again..."

Love the music though

Oh wow, when i clicked it i thought it said "Nobodys Perfect" XD

Auto-fill-in can be annoying at times!

how i place products

What does the first shape look like? I'm stuck

oh okee

I have only tried to save it twice because it's super annoying to do it all over again.

But I tried to save after the love scene, and after trying to beat Marline but losing.

Browser, when i tried to save the game

Error: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Windows': Access is denied for this document.

Because of this i will have to restart.

It wouldn't post with the picture

Where's return?

how i get more powers?

how i turn the thing?

What button i press to feed her?

Need ideas, have ideas you don't think you'll ever use? Post em here!

Want a suggestion from anybody? Want to give a suggestion to anybody? Post em here!

Disrespectful or mean comments will be deleted.

it doesn't work pretty sure this is pc version 

Ah ok

how i help in garden?

what heart?

i got wolf and bull at level E

how do i help in the cabbage patch?

NOOOOOOO i was so ahead i was in by three months took a week to get there and now i have to start all over!

Yeah i loved beastiality and futa, and where you could send in a personal request for a certain type, like stinky

What do you do after that?