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Really enjoyed this game! It is not easy to play with a keyboard, but much smoother with a gamepad. Honestly keeping everything in check is quite hard, but imo the generous hitpoints and checkpoints make it up.  I liked the idea of having randomized-ish attacks in this type of game, even though it falls a bit when the player  gets a hand full of spells they don't need right now (like three double jumps), but as we can easily reshuffle our hand it stays easily manageable. Anyway, liked it a lot, thank you!

Not to sound overenthusiastic but this game was absolutely amazing!!! It's incredible to think that it was finished in such a little time as everything falls right into place. The level design is especially great (24 levels!!!) but the pixel art and audio design feels perfect too. Plus, it can be challenging but is always fair to the player (thank you for the checkpoints!) so honestly i can't believe it's just playable for free. Anyway, thanks to the time because i had a lot of fun!

Very nice game! Lovely pixel art and deliciously creepy athmosphere. A very interesting rpg!