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I'm sorry you feel overcharged.

It contains 33 full-color pages, as advertised.

With 'unfinished' you mean a whole Comic Series. As a self-publisher that's what it takes to survive and to allow me to continue making more kinky stories. Of course, you can head over to DOFANTASY (FANSADOX); there one issue costs 27 pounds (30eur) PER ISSUE—and they are a publisher (and one would expect to find it cheaper there).

One of the trade-offs with the comic format: it has low information-density. It's a bitter compromise between artwork and speech bubbles. That's why I began exploring Novels and Illustrated Novels after Slave Jessica, because it allows me to tell a broader and longer story.

They layout should be ideal to comfortably read on PC & tablet. I don't plan on making a phone-friendly EPUB due to all the inline artwork getting messed up. I read EPUBs with images and it would look more like 'Huckleberry Finn'—one big image per page—and it would reduce its overall quality with a simplified layout.

White Background:

If there's more demand for a bright-white background version (for whatever reason) I might consider adding such a perverted edition (other's can comment here). Though, I had never imagined there was a demand for it as I personally very much dislike reading on white-background.

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EDIT: If you still don't get it to work, after having verified your purchase, I can send you the PDF per email, but I'm guessing it might be a software problem on your end?

I've checked it twice, and even re-downloaded it after upload: everything works.

Your PDF filesize should be around 12.7mb after unzipping? Can you open other pdf files?


I'm really sorry to hear. You either have to fix your Paypal/Stripe/CreditCard or wait for the
Amazon-Release I'm afraid. :/

Yes, but... only in a few weeks. Not because I'm evil ;) but because Amazon pays lousy percentages (only 30% to the author, thats only 4.35$) AND its kindle-format is a closed ecosystem - unlike the PDF format & JPGs that are available here. That's why the initial Release will be here on