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This is pretty great. Using the corpses of your comrades to escape is.... interesting

I'm hungry


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Love the enemy SFX lol

Very cool game! Really looking forward to how the game fleshes out. I love this type of builder and resource management game.

Very cool

send help

This is actually great! I can see this being lots of fun with friends, comparing drawings after each round. 

The time limit could have varied between pictures, as they varied in difficulty.

But overall, and considering it's a game jam game, it's really fun, cute, and well done! The music and sound effects are perfect! gg

Haha, that's great! Glad you enjoyed the leap of justice!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I really appreciate you taking the time to type it up!

This was a quick 'port' as we designed this game for an arcade machine. The idea was that players could keep spending money to keep playing. (yes that makes it pay-to-win, a quick design decision to save time and fit the game jam's theme)

The limited gameplay core is something we noticed through playtesting near the end of the game jam, unfortunately we didn't have time to implement many changes to fix that.

Thanks for the input on the icons, they were something we were iterating on all week, and it's always good to hear more feedback!

And thanks! Our artists were amazing hard workers!