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Hi Szamer,

Glad you liked it! The latest patch for November 18 is out now and includes the stamina system, a few new items to make and things to discover.



The bug has been fixed and new version is available to download (0.0.7). Thanks for your patience.

Hi there! 

Glad you managed to progress so far! Up to this point we have only had a few items in the game and are slowly adding more content as we manage balancing out the existing content. At this point you have managed to get all of the armour items that are available. Over the next month our artists are working on adding the icons for existing items that are available through creative mode as well as adding additional tiers of items. Meanwhile the game designer is working on a way to introduce them with some degree of balance.

We hope you enjoyed what you were able to play and we will be working hard to get more to you soon!


Thanks for letting us know the bug has been replicated and will be resolved shortly.


This has now been fixed

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Thanks for playing Little Bit Lost! We really appreciate your support. Here are some of our most common questions

  • Q: Is the game free?
    A: Yes, just chose to "pay" $0.00 or follow the link that says "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"
  • Q: What are the controls?
    A: WASD movement,<SPACE> to jump, <Tab> for inventory, <B> for character screen, <U> for the creative menu (creative mode only).
  • Q: How do I report a bug?
    A: If you encounter an issue you can report it in game by hitting escape or going to help from the main menu. You can also post it in the community section (
  • Q: Will there be multiplayer?
    A: At this stage the development team is working towards the goal of adding multiplayer but it will likely be after we release an early access version of the game.
  • Q: I don't like spiders can I turn them off?
    A: You can turn on "Arachnophobia" mode when creating new game. You can also play creative mode where nothing spawns at all.

One of the great parts of exploring a brave new world is sharing it with others! 

Please feel free to post you screenshots and videos here.

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Please report any issues here. (We would say bugs but suspect the spiders will get a lot of reports!)

If you see someone else has reported the same issue please up vote it unless you have more details to add. You can use the in game bug reporter as well which can capture screenshots and log files.

This is a topic where you can post your suggestions and ideas.

Try not to post duplicates, but rather, up vote other similar ideas instead so that we can find the most popular ideas.