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Wouldn't scanning it be the best way to understand it and figure out what's it's doing that causes such a reaction so they can better handle it. If Byte couldn't do anything during the panic attack he should have made that more clear, or maybe come up with a plan (dulling all of our senses maybe) or discuss it shortly and say they shouldn't mess with it unless Loken said so than just outright ignore it completely.

Imo, it wouldn't cause any pacing issues, it's just figuring out what the Demons are doing to us, it can still be made ambiguous if it's magic, science or whatever.

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I know that but they really wanted to know more about the demons during a part of the game and now that they have a chance to they kinda ignore it.

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I'm kinda frustrated that Byte didn't try to scan the Demon's arm again, like it's right there just do it.

Overall great game.

Are we gonna get an update anytime soon? Kinda miss the old rat.

1.03 might be public after 1.08, the creator said they want a 6 update gap between public and patreon exclusive.

Yeah I know, thought it'd be funny to just randomly bring it up again 

Oh my god it's Logan Paul!!!

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a glock? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Happy one year anniversary since the last update everyone, here's to another. Also few weeks away from the 2 years anniversary since the first update.

What's the bottom left cg and how do I get it?

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The 2 year anniversary of the first build is also on July 

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It might be intentional because the file name of the game is different each update, Renpy is kinda annoying sometimes with updating games so it's completely understandable.

You can manually transfer the saves from one update to another pretty easily anyways.

How do I get the 4th option and second heart of the event?


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Spoilers and theory:

OMG we were in the Matrix

Decent game so far, the English translation is pretty bad. Do you just use Google Translate for the translation? You should think about getting someone to proofread and translate it properly. 

so are 90% of abandoned projects, but ya gotta let go sometimes

I'm sure he's still working on it, if he decides to abandon it, it's his decision working on a game of any kind can be hard work for a person.

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That was.. one of the stupidest things I've read, and I enjoyed it more than 60% of the other stupid shit I've read  I also cackled so A for effort and a good job, now go lick grass or whatever you kids say.

Devon's route be like:

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I just saw the retweet on Shirokoi's Twitter of Malus concept art and I find it so funny he's just a noodle now, I'm sure he'll get his glow up someday but I still want him to stay a cute little noodle 

You sure? Last I checked there were 2 outcomes that can come from your choices, the endings are the same though

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I really enjoy the story and the characters are great. Keep up the good work.

Very pog.  

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I just played through the game and I have to say wow, this is one of the most unique furry visual novels to come out in a while. The art is great, I really like your use of color it really makes the characters pop out in contrast to the background. The story is very interesting, I have to say the pacing did feel a bit rushed but that's understandable considering you had to cut a good chunk of the story due to the workload. The music is really nice, the heavily auto-tuned voice that plays during the main menu is a nice touch. 

I notice that you used some Vietnamese words, like Dawn's last name is Sun Bears in Vietnamese and some other names sound viet to me, nothing noteworthy I just thought it's kinda cool as Vietnamese myself.

I really appreciate you guys taking time to reduce the files size, people might not care but you did an amazing job

hey grizz got any good lemon pie recipes?

aghhhhhhhhhh TYSON OMG >//////////< *dies*

But I can fix him

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I really like the new prologue, it really shows us that Kobu genuinely cares about being a good Demon King and tries really hard but still struggles with it which leads to inevitable burn out, instead of the old version he just seems like a spoiled brat that didn't care about anything other than himself.

Most of the changes were perfect, although I have to ask why did you cut out the beginning when Kobu was little, did it not fit with the story or was it just moved to later in the story.

Or never *evil laugh*... idk

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Human + wolf = adAsTra ripoff

Stfu and actually play the game

English is my second language, so I'm sorry? I just thought the title sounds a bit weird

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Short first build but very interesting so far, I like the somber start of the game really pulls me into the story. One thing though each time Torent expression changes he disappear then reappear, I don't know much about Renpy but I'm sure tweaking that wouldn't be very difficult, also the name of the game is kinda weird, To THE lonely A home isn't exactly grammar correct but if it's intentional then I don't really care.

Any plans on an android version?

The two other characters you didn't picked will start dating each other


So uh is Basket not releasing last month Jun update? Cus he's working on Shoichi's update for this month, did he forgot...

A cute, sweet and wholesome story, everyone is just so loveable


Damn boi, calling everyone out, also u Jun simp