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Best Christmas present EVER! This game is unreal. 10/10 will buy once it's released. The atmosphere is terrifying, had me shook through basically my entire walkthrough.

I will now be able to get a job and become a stonk god lol I liked it, it was definitely quite an experience LMAO 

Finally I can feel like a real life exorcist because of this game!!! THE POWER!!! I did find a small glitch where you're able to repeatedly grab more med kits from the top kitchen cabinet next to the fridge but after running the game back, it appears that it doesn't happen every run. Overall I LOVED the game and I cannot wait to see what the full game will look like. I will most likely live stream it instead of making a video because that's how excited I am to play it entirely!!!!!!!

This game was so good!!!! I've always loved the idea of having at least a weapon to defend myself in a horror game. But overall, I can't wait to see what else you guys do! I hope you guys have successful year in making games :)

THIS WAS SO GOOD!! Possibly my best video on my channel lol 

It was such a good game!! I can't wait to see what else you do with the story. I swear my reactions to some of the things happening were too much lmao

Good job my guy, keep up the great work!

HOLY SH- IT'S THE HOMIE JASON!!! It was a good game for sure!! I can't wait to see what else you come up with! 

Holy crap this was amazing. I got a good amount of spooks and funny moments from this game, especially since I recorded it at 4AM lmao


THIS GAME IS SO GOOD!!! My vocal cords hurt LMAO 

I definitely plan on making a full game video but I wanted to make a video on the demo to give people a taste of the game. I LOVE IT! Definitely one of the most interesting games i've played on here. Especially because i'm a psychology major, the concept greatly relates to my studies. Thanks once again for reaching out to me to play this game! Can't wait to work on making a video of the full thing!

This game was literally so fun to play omg!! My vocal cords hurt at this point LMAOOO I love it! Probably my funniest playthrough yet.

I need more Cage-Face!! It's a must!

Jesus that was terrifying af! Literally nightmare fuel

Ugh that was such a great game!!! I wanted more! I can’t wait till the full game is out!! I’m definitely buying it and playing through it :D

SUCH A GOOD GAME!!! The chaos was just incredibly and it was aesthetically overwhelming. I loved it!

One of my viewers requested I made a video about this so I just had to! Great game, loved it tbh lol Had some funny reactions too 

THIS WAS SO GOOD and terrifying. Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see what else you come up with 

Dude, a serial killer and an endless loop of hallways? I need more of this game because it was WAY too good. I did encounter a minor bug during my gameplay where I went out of bounds by going through a door but everything else was incredible tbh

It's like this dev took Yuno and stuffed her into a game... and I love it!! It was so fun just trying to run away from her and strategize your way to escape. She lowkey kinda cute ngl

Definitely a really interesting game and with a great concept. But holy duck it was disturbing lol The cursed videos that were added we're just insane lmao Definitely keep up the great work! Can't wait to play whatever you come up with next :D

Played this game instead of doing a horror game and it was totally worth it! Such an aesthetically stunning game! I hope we get to see more from you and what you create next :)

I swear i'm never walking into a tunnel late at night after playing this lol 

This is such a great game and I honestly cannot wait to see what else the developer comes up with!

This game is literally so good that it is my most viewed video on my channel, like wow 

I need this game to come out ASAP, it was so good!!! 

Can't wait to play Chapter 2 :D 

I wish we could've seen more of this game :( It was so good but so short and definitely gave me the creeps 

I'm NEVER turning off my light's again, forget the electric bill

I swear I did not expect this game to make me scream multiple times. I wish it was longer and with more story

Definitely gave me the creeps omg 


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This game was so fun!! I loved the "puzzle" aspect of the game where you have to go around without an objective guiding you and it's so great to see a horror that has multiple endings :D I got the exorcist ending and if you would like to check it out!