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Really loved the original and the fact that you guys took the time to add in more stuff to the original was just awesome, really truely love this game and cannot wait for the rest to come out, well done CatTrigger

This game is SO RELATABLE, I personally have ADD and this is exactly how I act and think in real life, very well done


DUDE, this game how dare you, now I want more of Mita Chan, GIMME MORE!!!!!

Short sweet and simple, really love the simple designs from the characters all the way down to the background, and also loved that you showed some concepts and stuff for the characters which was a nice touch, can be expanded upon but hey its up to you Asa, great job overall

Don't screw up when doing your taxes, I love the whole premise of the game
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Hits you right in the feels, very well made with all the reminiscing,truely an emotional one, also really loved the ending

Alota potential for something bigger, short and sweet but leaves so much room for more, hoping this game gets made into something bigger, great experience

This game, man its both sad and scary at the same time cause this could happen to anyone, really loved how you guys made this game, well done team


This game seriously creeped me the heck out from start to finish

We knew it was a HUGE mistake


Promising start, can't wait for the full game to drop

Fun game, managed to get it right on the first try

DUDE, been waiting for ages for the main game, how far is it from completion??

Freaken brilliant game, love both lovecraft and junji ito, can see the inspiration here, really really awesome work

DUDE, just when I thought Melissa was creepy, this was equally as creepy. I LOVE IT, from start to finish never knowing what's gonna happen, absolutely cannot wait for the next one, AWESOME GAMES 

HEEEEEYYYYY, awesome game my dude, looking forward to your next one

AWESOME updates, looking forward to more developments

Game is fun, really enjoyed the experience

Awesome but terrifying experience, hated being in the dark and not being able to see, kinda keeps you on edge as to what will happen next, great game dude/dudette

Very good experience, had me on edge throughout the whole game, short and sweet

Great experience, really enjoyed it. Great work from the whole team especially the artist. Really, love that you let us know the timeline and stuff that you had to do for this one. Keep it up

Game was honestly creepy the moment the lights turned on on their own, very sad what happened to Sophie and her family. Was not expecting the thing to get me so hard, great experience, very well done.

Sister Maria is just a demonic Karen, really loved the experience, great job man, looking forward to more games 

RIP to my boy WOOLY, what started off as an innocent little game became creepier with each episode. Enjoyed it and the fact that we can come up with many different theories was cool. Well done.

This game leaves you on edge from start to finish, really awesome experience

Very good game, was surprised this was only a demo, cant wait for the full game to drop

Good game, makes you wonder really, the whole atmosphere was just perfect for a horror game

SUPER CUTE GAME, really really good and I loved the references to star wars and fnaf, really loved this

DUDE WHAT, honestly throughout the whole game I was on edge, didn't know where the scares were gonna come from but honestly cannot wait for the full game to drop

The marketing team doing a great job at customer observation here, loved it

This game was both sad and horrifying, horrifying in a sense that this still happens now in today's world and nobody is doing anything about this. Great short game with a huge message

Not a bad demo at all, but could definitely use some touching up, hopefully it will be done for the full game. My guy just wanted to have a smoke is all, hopefully the full game ending will have him smoking 

You have been warned countless times that going out at night is dangerous. Man this was a really fun game and only my second one from arcade kitten.  I love how they keep their RPGs consistent with the graphics and design. Very well done. I gotta know, is this a prequel or sequel to It's Not Me It's My Basement

I am a sucker for all things cute and this game was CUTE from start to finish with a very strong message of awareness. Very good game with great graphics and tunes which intensifies at the right moments, can get a little emotional but that is how you spread awareness, can't wait for the full game to drop

Very good game, the fact that she did all that to get the ending was just a really fun way to end the game, honestly I got a little hungry playing this one, very good graphics and all. LOVE IT

Quite possibly the creepiest game of the year, very well done, not sure if this is what morticians do on a daily basis but if it is then the research is there. Very good game, cannot wait for the full game to drop

This game honestly hits real close to home, I have a grandma with alzheimers and this is probably what she sees on a daily basis. Everything about this is relatable to me. Very good game and alota research done