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That's for the player to figure out! (the characters hint at it)

Thanks! If you have sugestions please tell me

Thank you and good luck!

Hey I've added an animation for the walk cycle and idle frames.

Hey I made a mistake in my last response. The wand is compatible! Sorry!

Hey I made a mistake in my last response. The wand is compatible! Sorry!

No its only for the sword and shield pages 1, 2 and 3 now but I could make those if you're interested.

Thanks! I am glad you like them!

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Hi, those are included. I've added a preview for the fire animation.

oh thanks I didn't know that was possible!

CC BY, you can use it commercially.

Thank you for your kind words! I'll have to think about your suggestion.

HAHAHA  i love how this guy claps

the rest looks really great too of course!

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That's why I said (non). That means both are allowed. Sorry for the confusion 

Hey, you can use these for (non)commercial projects and edit them. But you can't resell the sprites.

Thanks, you can use it however you like as long as you don't resell the sprites

Added those👌 Thanks for the suggestions

Cool game! Do the white dots do anything or are they just collectibles?

Your wish has been granted! 🧞

Thanks! I've added tiktok and twitch. Let me know when you need more.

No only the still images.



(: you're welcome

Thank you! (you cant do anything in the school except talking)


Thanks for your feedback!


What have you done so far?

No that's supposed to happen. That is the end of the game

Thanks! That's indeed your progress but there were some mistakes that may have blocked you from leaving. Did you go back to the grave?

Great execution of the theme! I got 7/9 are there any hints for the others?

Should be fixed now!

Thanks! I left those numbers on the gravestone by accident ): and there something wrong with one event which makes it impossible to get the coin, will work on this soon. 

Thank you for this, the songs are amazing! I used them in my game

Your name is in it as well.

nice! Feel free to link your video here

wow! i like the mask, very creative!

haha thanks!


yup they want some cheese too