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Totally understandable, who even plays in 4:3 anymore?

Haha no problem! glad you liked it :D

Here's a video of this awesome game I did in 240p cause I love low poly model games.

Yes, I explored the EEK3 Virtual Show Floor in 240p!

I really enjoyed playing this game on my CRT at 240p. Unfortunately all text in the game is cut off on the left. Not sure what your plans are as far as supporting lower resolutions go, but I still had a blast getting chased by demonic ramen haha!

The reply is much appreciated, thank you!

Hello, I got your pack from the RJE bundle and really dig these tracks just for listening to on their own. Is it possible to request .NSF format versions?

Without spoiling anything for myself, I only played the first half minute of the game. Mighty impressed.