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There was definitely a deeper meaning behind this game, but I'm too shallow to understand it... Loved the moments too! Played this in the latter portion of my video, hope you enjoy!

Loved the Perfect Blue reference! Caught me off guard! Played two games in this video, yours being the first, just wish it was longer!

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This wasn't a bad experience in totality, but there were some pertinent issues that made for some good content, but not from a gameplay perspective.

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Nah fam, this has to be the BEST indie horror I've ever played before. In all honesty, you did an amazing job, I played this game 2 times and still was horrified! 10/10 keep doing what you're doing! My video is linked down below, watch it if you want to get scared with me!

I'm a grown man and I still cannot read properly... anyway I really enjoyed playing this, never knew I enjoyed this styling of game...

This game is inertesting, i really dont have any other words for it

I honestly need to start reading the description of games before I record them lol. Didn't realize this was so short until in read it... Anyway, check out my playthrough when you have a chance!

Great experience, was hoping that the ending was a bit more polished. Overall nice experience though!

Wasn't expecting this at all honestly... I was preparing to shoot some bozos judging from the pictures lol!

Much love on the reply, keep doing what you're doing!

I expected to get jumpscared out my socks lol! This game gave me puppet combo vibes! Played it in a compilation of mine!

Played this one in a compilation video of mine, didn't expect to enjoy it this much!

Played your game in a quick compilation video of mine, really enjoyed it and had some laughs while doing it!

This game was actually really well made, especially from a one-man developer! These jumpscares were something else though lol!

I really liked this game, the concept was flames! One gripe I had with it was the filter could be a bit overbearing at times, but that's about it.

Check out my playthrough, I tried REALLY hard on the editting!

I wish my patience for games is as good as it used to be, unfortunately i rage quit out of this one... Butt, it was funny nonetheless!

Bro Get your grandma...

Finally got time to upload this game! The whole time I was expecting a jumpscare! Very interesting concept for a game!!

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Played through this game fully. Did it all on my own! That's a lie but why not come by and check out my play through, I only read the walkthrough the whole time!


Lol this game was funny to play

Played this game along with another indie horror game with my friend!

My bad for the late reply... I'm using OBS, but I had Shadowplay running in the background. It makes my OBS lag badly

I had the hardest time recording this game, OBS was trippin!

I don't care how short this game was, it had me shook first 5 minutes in! Looking for more content out of Mr.Reeves!

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Looking forward to see what else they implement into this game! Come check out my short playthough!

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Yo, this game made me want to post more horror games on my channel! Thanks for the inspiration and loved the game! Check out my playthough, looking forward to later chapters later down the road