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This game/post made me realize how often I over-look things. It clearly says 3-5 mins of gameplay and I hadn't realized. Anyway here's my trash video if you're interested.

Just saw that there are other installments of this series on the website, will be checking them out in the future!

A solid experience especially in the time frame given!

Nothing like a good ole shrek horror game lol. 

I am way too much of an idiot to play these games lol. And are the sound clips of the monster from COD zombies?

Yo I actually wanted to cry from this one scare bro, loved the underlying story as well!

This game actually gave me one of the most painful jumpscares ever...

This game is flames!

What a great way to come back into the horror-sphere! Loved the experience and cannot wait for the full release. Check out my playthrough if interested.

This game piqued my interest in haunted PS1 games in the future! Loved the concept, wished there was a sensitivity slider though lol... My experience linked down below if interested, thanks a lot!

1st indie horror back from my break and I have to say it was a rude return lol. Jumpscares took me for a ride! My experience linked below if interested.

This actually makes me want to play RPG horror games now, I really enjoyed this demo! Thanks for opening my eyes lol.

Nah this game was actually really fun! Really needed this FPS action in my life, yall aren't competing with my FPS ability lol. Wish it was longer!

The fact that my bro is butt naked is WILD. Few collision bugs here and there, but fun experience all in all! My experience is linked below if interested!

I have to say, I really appreciate the blood dripping on the screen when you walk under it. Attention to detail is a major plus for me mane! My experience linked down below if interested!

Actually challenging horror game! Enjoyed it wholly, gave me some good scares too! My experience linked down below if interested!

The game's main character did the exact opposite of what I would've done lol.

Enjoyed this one. I could actually finish this one on video lol. My experience linked below!

Awesome brother, thanks for the reply

Great game, not too intimidating, but executed on the horror aspect well. My game glitched out unfortunately but it may be a fault of mine. My experience down below if interested!

Great game honestly. Captured the essence of horror perfectly.  My experience linked below !

The camera flash is the only problem I noticed, maybe due to my own incompetence honestly. Ambience is solid and the monster is horrifying. My experience is down below if you're interested!

GREAT GAME! This has a lot of potential, reminds me of aka monto and yandere simulator heavy. One criticism, maybe a tutorial of some sort letting players know the key binds. It took my a while to find the settings menu. Overall, great demo looking forward to the full release! Check my experience out below if interested.


This game gave me chills forreal! Very eerie  atmosphere! My experience is linked below if you're interested.

Nice short experience, looking forward to some more content from yall in the future! My experience linked down below if interested!

There was definitely a deeper meaning behind this game, but I'm too shallow to understand it... Loved the moments too! Played this in the latter portion of my video, hope you enjoy!

Loved the Perfect Blue reference! Caught me off guard! Played two games in this video, yours being the first, just wish it was longer!

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This wasn't a bad experience in totality, but there were some pertinent issues that made for some good content, but not from a gameplay perspective.

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Nah fam, this has to be the BEST indie horror I've ever played before. In all honesty, you did an amazing job, I played this game 2 times and still was horrified! 10/10 keep doing what you're doing! My video is linked down below, watch it if you want to get scared with me!

I'm a grown man and I still cannot read properly... anyway I really enjoyed playing this, never knew I enjoyed this styling of game...

I honestly need to start reading the description of games before I record them lol. Didn't realize this was so short until in read it... Anyway, check out my playthrough when you have a chance!

Great experience, was hoping that the ending was a bit more polished. Overall nice experience though!

Wasn't expecting this at all honestly... I was preparing to shoot some bozos judging from the pictures lol!

Much love on the reply, keep doing what you're doing!

I expected to get jumpscared out my socks lol! This game gave me puppet combo vibes! Played it in a compilation of mine!

Played this one in a compilation video of mine, didn't expect to enjoy it this much!

Played your game in a quick compilation video of mine, really enjoyed it and had some laughs while doing it!

This game was actually really well made, especially from a one-man developer! These jumpscares were something else though lol!

I really liked this game, the concept was flames! One gripe I had with it was the filter could be a bit overbearing at times, but that's about it.

Check out my playthrough, I tried REALLY hard on the editting!