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A member registered Dec 18, 2018

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This game is already so good so far! Can't wait to see what comes next

Played the chapter 2 via the Patreon and I have to say it was amazing. I encourage anyone who can to support on Patreon not only to support the dev, but so you can play this masterpiece ASAP. I cannot wait to see what comes next.

Definitely will be backing this. Fully voice acted games in this genre are so very rare and so very welcome!

Yeah I posted about this before, the Patreon button doesn't seem to appear on google chrome at least for me I had to open a new browser to see it and join the patreon. Hopefully the dev adds a second link on the post so people can find it easier and support this amazing game!

Hi, can you link your patreon? It doesn't show up for me, just an empty spot where the button goes. Should probably also hyperlink it like this.

Your patreon is not linked properly on the page for this game in case you were not aware, it just shows up as  "script async="" src=""></script>

I hope this gets continued. I really liked the story and art.

Oh wow the art looks really good for this I'm very excited.

I played this demo a while ago but finally decided I should leave a comment. This game is extremely fun and the story is engrossing. You quickly become attached to the character and the mystery of the world that has been built. I cannot wait for the full game to come out.

Did you figure it out?

I still cannot seem to trigger Kevin's route for some reason. I get paired with him for the camping trip, but there's no kiss and stuff during it like other people said there would be.

Hopefully we get an update. Maybe another fundraiser as I am sure many would donate especially as BL VN's soar in popularity now.

I cannot seem to get the Kevin route. I avoid him on both day 5 & 6? Then on days 8 and 10 I respond submissively and with "I don't know". However this doesn't prompt a time skip to day 15 and I cannot get the camping scene.

Loved the demo! Super excited for the full game release. With the combo of good sprites, BGs, music, and VAs, this looks like it will easily become one of the best games in the genre!