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TFW all of your defense gets thwarted by the enemy and they get to the core before you're able to do anything... T^T RIP 

Oh, thanks for the info, I actually thought you made it... Hehehe... 

Yeah.... I tried a sandbox at Wave 50.... I had a ton of healers and cannons with shields.... it just instantly fell... I think thats why we got doors... We might have to go overboard and develop multiple layers of defense rather than just one... Having to repair the first walls will be difficult though.... maybe Anuke should add a "break time" every 10 waves so we can build up in peace for 3-5 minutes I guess...

Hey there Anuke! I was wondering if there was a way to download or to listen to the 8-bit music of Mindustry... Its really catchy... I mean heck, theyre top notch... Enjoying your game... Just trying to get past Wave 22....