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mystman approves this game btw

hmm, on the old version it’s there but on the new one it’s not

Also, I couldn’t see any credits to mystman in the new version of the game, it’s either I’m blind or yeh there’s nothing, you should put a thingy to let peeps know that this is a baldis basics fangame (like in the old version of your game) otherwise peeps will just straight up be flat out rude and harass you which isn’t good.

just wanted to say that I love this game my dude. And if mystman ever sees and approves this game then that would be freaking awesome

pretty sure the person who made this game is Russian, or just doesn’t speak English well, and it’s a fangame, pretty sure mystman would approve of this game, unlike actual Baldi ripoffs on the App Store.

I wouldn’t call it a rip off, again, it’s a fangame but, I get where you are coming from

Same xd

I’ve been wanting to comment here so here we go, I’ve always loved these types of games and I love this, and for the short ammount of time it was made it, so freaking gud, myst you did a good job on this! Maybe we could see some more games like this? Or like an expansion of baldis basics, with new areas and questions, anyways I love this man gud job! :P