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Kingdom Gun

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Thank you!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!!

Appreciate it!!!

Thank you fam!!!

Thank you for trying Kingdom Gun out! I absolutely agree with you on the visual noise and we've already done a lot to reduce that on internal builds. Nothing in Kingdom Gun is political commentary, it's just a video game to meme and have fun. Great idea with the minimap! We have already added it in an internal build. Appreciate you!

We will be releasing the final version on Steam!

Hello! Thank you for the message. The game will cost $19.99 on release, adjusted for different regions.

Hmmmm 🤷‍♂️

Thank you fam! Join our Discord!

We intended to make the game left/right shoot only.

Thank you for all your feedback! I have saved it to our internal "improvements" board. Because of feedback like yours we will make the game better!!

Thank you for the feedback fam! We are definitely using everyone's feedback to balance!! Come join our Discord!!

Thank you fam!!!

We have a Discord, feel free to join! We will be localizing to Russian, among many other languages.

Thank you for playing fam!!! The left/right restriction was planned early on. I hear you on the spawn rates! There will be balancing. Thank you for the feedback!

Got it!! Thank you!

Noted!!! Thank you!!

Thank you!!!

Thank you for the feedback!! 

Thank you! We are hard at work improving it everyday. The full version will be released in October!!

Thank you fam!!!

Thank you very much!!!

Thank you for the compliment and feedback! We will definitely be balancing and updating with player feedback!

Thanks fam! We're implementing online MP now!!! 

Thank you! We appreciate all feedback! I am always on Discord, if you would like to message me!

Tyvm for the report! This will be fixed and pushed in the next couple of hours.

Thank you!!!!

Thanks fam!

Thank you! We're pushing!

Really appreciate the compliment!

Thank you!!!

Glad you enjoyed the demo!!! October we'll have a ton of content, a sword using character, magic using character, more content, and online multiplayer!

Thank you!!!

Thank you fam!

You're a legend!!

Thank you fam! 🏁

Appreciate you!!

Thank you!!!