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These images are amazing! Thank you so much!

I like the natural flow of the game itself, i would add some more fun designs to the main menu, add an instructions menu, and also change the Mario music due to copyright reasons

Great Gameplay! I would fix all the sound bugs within the game itself, especially the lose trumpet at the main menu screen, but overall the game was kinda fun.

I LOVE the flow of the game play, I would just add more sound effects to the game, fix certain tile spots on the tilemap in the second level, and also add a full screen function to the game because the dimensions were to large. But OVERALL GREAT GAME!

I thought the this game was interesting,  I LOVED the jump test with the blocks with spikes because i thought it was a fun challenge, I would adjust the hit box for the spikes and i would also remove the concept of the signs and make an instruction menu, but OVERALL FANTASTIC GAME!

GREAT GAME!! I liked the use of instructions at the beginning of the game that displayed as you progressed, I would add some more audio for things like, breaking bricks, collecting coins, adding time, etc. and fix some minor bugs such as not taking damage when destroying enemies, destroying the character when the timer gets to zero, and not dying when you return to a previous point in the game or jumping off screen above everything within the layout.

FANTASTIC GAME! I enjoyed the all three levels, I would just remove some of the signs at the beginning of the game, because as a player, i ran right by the signs in order to continue playing and I would also allow the koala to move around in the last layout , but other than that, the boss fight was EPIC, the game play was EPIC, the only thing I have to say, is to please remember me when you're a famous video game designer

This game, was so Much Fun to play!! I really enjoyed every level, it always kept me asking for more! I LOVE the main menu with all the mechanics implemented. If anything, I would just add some sound to the game itself, and that's pretty much it :) WHAT A FINE GAME YOU HAVE HERE!!!!

this is fun!