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Hola! en el discord que aparece en la aplicación, puedes enviar tus niveles.

Hello! Could you give me more information about the error or problem?

Hello! in the editable file that is in the downloads you have everything you are looking for

Dream Jam 2022 community · Created a new topic h-hola

E-esta e-es m-mi p-primera j-jam >n<

e-espero q-que t-todos n-nos ll-llevemos b-vien

¿-¿¿ s-se p-puede c-crear u-un j-juego c-con s-scratch ?-??

It's free

Only .ogg format.


Friday Night Maker! community · Created a new topic FNM2

Creator when you release FNM2? :(

Yo soy el mejor jugador del mundo, pero las colisiones no están a mi nivel, hay que mejorarlas.

Buen juego de matar furries,

Ok! 👀

Just Shapes and time

1) The YYZ is the code.

2) comming soon.

Right click

Shift + click

Puedes usar para pasarlo

no :(

Shift + Click


Yes, is a virus


Total = 7 usd :(

i use windows 10

It seems like a specific problem of your PC, I don't think I can help you :(

but check if you have the latest windows 7 updates

(1 edit)

1) ¿Windows or Linux? install the ultimate version. ( in windows)

2) More levels:


Right click

Aguineu, el editor no funcina

You just have to write a name for it to start exporting.

Hello, there are two methods of exporting levels.

1) Level file: go to the note editor and hit export. It will leave a file (.FNM) that can be used for everyone to import from the editor menu.

2) File (.EXE): Export selected levels as a Windows program, so everyone can play without having the editor installed.

Due to limitations, it cannot on IOS :(

Only .ogg files.

Convert your music in:

The web version of the editor will not be possible due to program limitations.

but if I make the editor can export web levels so they can upload and play them :)

Yes! It's on its way, I can't be sure how long it will take.

but I will try to adapt it in the best way to mobile :)

Yes! It's on its way, I can't be sure how long it will take.

but I will try to adapt it in the best way to mobile :)