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add moar guns

Im just going to dissect the game.

Shame this game dont even load

Just beat it with only a pistol

bro got burned

Give it up for the almighty, Primeev1l!!

This guy makes fun games

                                                            Chris gets revenge

I was so close to beating night 5. Best game for people who are too poor to afford Fnaf.

Yeah it was fun!

Thanks for making it a .WAD file Now i can play it!

This game just shows a black screen when i click run game. Im on Chromebook so that might be why. Please help fix this problem.

Me: Touches test range zombie. PC: crashes

so my heart was racing and i was flipping through cameras when i flipped it down and this fat ass yellow bear was on the desk so i kinda panicked and it jump scared me and crashed my pc.

The golden bear broke my ducking computer

doawk refrence

He looks like a mac n cheese shell

This game is awesome! You should add final smashes!

Is this my friend pedro?

This isnt scary but its hella goofy! Keep up the good work!

That man got blasted for farting

i was rippin and tearin

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This game has good potential. You should probably spend time on an update with cut scenes and probably a hard mode.  And new graphics. Other than that, this game is badass!

I didnt want smooches... but i got them...

we need a button to skip lilypads!


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animal abuse. 10/10- IGN