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The girls will let you know what you need to buy for camp.

The sequel will be even better ;)

There is a camp on the lower right near the desert, where the lord goblin dwells.

I hope you enjoyed the game. Comments can delete, other players do not need to know about this bug, it can spoil the impression of the game.

Take advantage of this vulnerability to get money, but make sure that the whole game after this does not break.

You ruined the whole game :D

Yes, it's a sequel.

How do you do it? When I tested opening the chests worked fine.


Hi, there is no limit for Vitality and Strength, limit of 5 Agility.


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The first time you talk to her when she falls to the floor, there's a choice to fuck her or not. If you fuck her, she will be offended and may disappear.

I kind of fixed this bug in the final version and it should work fine now, but you'll have to start the game all over again.

No need to have sex with her when she falls on the floor, it will cause bugs.

This is a bug... In version 0.90 it was fixed, but for this you need to start a new game.

The bug itself is that the health of the bandit increases by 200 when you sleep. As a result, his health can be more than 10k, If you are too lazy to start the game again, just beat him!

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You are not typing the code correctly! All codes work! Observe lowercase and uppercase letters.

Press the circle in the throne room and talk to Baphomet

To unlock this area, you need to advance through the plot.

No, right now I'm actively working on Cursed Overlord 2. I don't have time to do it.

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Iphone and ipad cannot install apps and games from third-party stores and sites. This function is only available if you have it hacked.

What do you mean?

Soon. We'll fix the text, translation and release the final version.

Find the goblin lord, you can hire goblin builders from him.

Have you completely improved all the characteristics?

Maybe someday I'll add different sounds to the sex scenes...

In the tower where you have to kill a stone golem.

Go through a difficult QTE several times, in version 0.90 QTE easier.

You've done it too many times with her! It will take 30+ game days to recover.

What version? Have the emperor's daughters been caught? If so, coach them to the max?

Play and you'll find out:D

Yes. There's an event with her in it :D

You started the game all over again and probably skip the prologue, didn't you? Baphomet appears and tells about the curse only in the prologue. You can continue there is nothing wrong.

Interesting... How do you do that? I tested before posting, she shows up in my tavern...

Okey... I'll check what's wrong and try to fix this bug...

1) Marice will appear in the tavern, but it requires Djemma

2) Hikari needs your life energy otherwise she will die, you can buy characteristics from a living tree.

3) I don't speak English very well either :D

Where the character in the screenshot stands.

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Hi. To activate the code, you need to press the red circle on the floor in the throne room, press "Extra privileges!" And "Activate code!"

Glad to hear you like my game. You read the difference between the "full" and "basic" version of the game? "Full" and "Extended" are just names of DLC, yes they are called a little special and can be confusing, but it doesn't mean that you can't pass the game. :)

As long as it is possible to create games, I will continue to delight you with my games! 

Depends on the version of the game you play. Daughters of the Emperor were added in 0.30-0.35 version, Katalina can be found on the global map, Naoki in the throne room.

This is hard to notice. The gold and experience you get is random and depends on the enemy, but don't worry, 30% is added to the random gold and experience you get.

Has the inscription in the upper right corner changed from "basic" to "full"?

The EXP/Gold increment is 30%