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Prince R

A member registered Jul 30, 2019

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wow. It was very simple  but that kina gave it a specal feeling to it? and the way it kinda just flowed was amazng! truely love this game :) 

This was an amazing and beautiful game. The art for everything is beautiful and the story is so well done? and honestly when I started getting to the end I started crying. I didn't know I needed a game like this to remind me I'm strong enough  but it did. it also made me want to help ever being I ran into and relies perceptions on whats scary isn't everything. A lot of these characters looked scary but they weren't. Anyway I had been wishing to find an amazing game I could play in a day and I found something even better than that. I found an amazing story about helping others and the strength inside and  honestly I wanna play it again now lol.